Events & Updates

Upcoming events:

Our next WGA meeting is Tuesday, August 27 at 700 P. M. We meet at Barnes and Noble Book Sellers. This month is our prompt competition. The winner will win a 15 gift card. The prompt is ,"It was one of those lazy days". The prompt must appear in the story, which must not be longer than 500 words and five minutes of reading. It must be written in the story classification of fiction. You must double space the story and turn it in for judging.

"Goal Diggers"

Our monthly meeting of Goal Diggers will meet Monday, August 19, at 6:30 PM, at Barnes and Noble's meeting area. We hope to see our interested members there for our 9th lesson subject. 

WGA book marks have been printed and are being distributed to all public libraries and many high school libraries. We hope these will bring interested readers to our guild.

The new anthology is now available to all current members in good standing. One free copy and a small fee of $3.00 for additional copies. The winners of the prompt competition for the last two years are featured. The 2012-2014 WGA Anthology book, made up of the poetry, short fiction, and memoir "prompt" winners for those three years, is available for purchase at our meetings. We also have an outstanding WGA cookbook available for $5 each while supplies last. They make great gifts!